A simple Yes is the answer.

Being racist against racists is also what is known as reverse racism, where the race that are victims of racism become racists to the oppressing race. But if you look at it, it’s still plain old racism, I really don’t see the need for a new term “Reverse Racism”.

Since Racism is prejudice and/or discrimination against other race or ethnicity, showing the same prejudice and/or discrimination makes you a racist. Don’t try to sugarcoat it by calling it reverse racism. 
Aren’t Reverse Racists Anti-Racists?

I know some of these “reverse racists” call themselves Anti-Racists, but there’s a thin line between Reverse Racists and Anti-Racists. Although that line is blurred but it should be noted that though anti-racists oppose racists, they move for racial equality and racial tolerance, while reverse racists oppose “oppressing” racists by making them the victims of racism. Although, they try to justify themselves but racism is racism, it’s either you are a racist or you are not, there’s no grey and no matter how justifiable a reverse racist’s action may seem, he still remains the thing he feels he’s opposing.

What if the persons being racist to the racists isn’t a victim of racism?

Like I said earlier, whosoever does that is racists and his actions are not justifiable. 

You can fight fire with fire, but it’s not the same with racism. Trying to fight racism with racism will only make you as guilty as what who you are fighting and on a larger scale, could be disastrous to the world at large. 
Remember, this is just my view on it. You are entitled to yours.